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Brazilian laser hair removal โ€“ you can say goodbye to your old shaving routine. This laser hair removal treatment gives long-lasting effects of smooth skin and hair-free private areas. Nothing beats the feeling of having flawless and hairless skin. And with our Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, you will enjoy just that โ€“ without the annoying shaving part!

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for You?

Are you tired of having a number of ingrown hairs on your bikini line? Are you aiming to get rid of razor burns? Do you want to shave less often? Are you aiming to be confident lying on the beach with flawless and hairless skin and a beautiful bikini line? Are you looking to never have to worry about shaving again and save hundreds of dollars a year on other hair removal methods? Are you looking to permanently eliminate sweating, chafing, and other irritations? Are you looking to have flawless skin not only in a swimsuit but in the nude as well? Then Brazilian laser hair removal treatments might be right for you.

Candela Gentle Max for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

We aim to give our clients the best experience with exquisite results! That is why we bring you our Candela Gentle Max for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal! With this, patients would only need 4-8 treatments to get the best results. You need no numbing agent, no sticky gel application, and you will have virtually no pain throughout the treatment. The patented cooling technology of the Candela Gentle Max features a cryogen spray that hits the treatment area right before the laser begins to pulse, gently numbing the skin for increased comfort and safety.

For Brazilian laser hair removal, Candela Gentle Max is the safest, most comfortable and most effective option you have. If you have experienced other laser hair removal treatments before, you will surely love Candela Gentle Max.

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