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Hair Removal For Men

One of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures today is laser hair removal for men. Men in general, have more hair in more places than women and shaving in all these areas can be quite difficult. Add the fact that clean, hairless skin is the trend these days, and we see laser hair removal  for men an ever-increasing treatment at SAMA Med spa today.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Treatment Areas

The most commonly treated areas are the belly, chest, shoulders, and backs. What many are finding out, laser hair removal for men is not just for aesthetics but also helps with those little aggravation issues men face with body hair. Necklines and beards are often treated to reduce the irritation of shaving and to eliminate those troublesome ingrown hairs .Historically, women went to great lengths to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Discomfort and pain were ignored to achieve a clean, smooth skin glow. Men on the other hand, just went through the daily chore of shaving, mainly on the face. The hair on other parts of the body was ignored but also problematic. Hygiene and daily grooming were difficult. But today, we see an increase in laser hair removal for men because it provides convenience and cleanliness .Men are one of the fastest growing clientele for laser hair removal for men, since they often shave more than women, and do so in harder to reach areas. Most men also want to stay looking young, and in most cases, that also means hair free. Unlike women, most men are not willing to go through the pain in exchange for staying young, but that’s where Sama med spa is unique. We adapt each treatment plan to the particular patient’s needs, by using a variety of wavelengths, intensities, shapes and durations of pulsed light.


Laser Hair Removal for Men Costs

Using the advanced laser hair removal system for men system, we can get rid of hair with no cutting and pain involved. Check out our price list for monthly and unlimited options. Treatments are done anywhere from 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the area of treatment and progress of hair growth. Most men will see a difference in hair reduction after the first treatment, but it can typically take anywhere from 6-8 treatments to see results.

Men Laser Hair Removal

How does laser hair removal for men work?

At SAMA Med spa we use the Candela Gentle Max system for Laser Hair Removal for men. Candela is the most trusted name in the industry for laser treatment devices, and we feel it is the Gold standard for hair removal.
The science Gentle Max allows for optimal treatment at a lower fluence (or energy). This advancement provides hair removal efficacy like that of our other Gentle Max laser treatments, but with higher comfort levels during treatment. The laser system delivers a beam of highly focused light which hair pigment absorbs and converts to heat.

This process causes thermal damage to the hair follicle to stop it from growing again. Because your hair grows in three phases, laser hair removal for men is more effective when the hairs are in their active growth cycle. Not all your hairs are in this phase at the same time. Therefore, multiple treatments are performed to achieve hair removal. After Gentle Max’s laser hair removal for men, the hair will shed over 14 weeks, resulting in a hair-free period of up to six weeks. Then you can schedule additional treatments for the next cycle.

Candela Gentle max pro

Does laser hair removal for men hurt?

Most men tolerate the treatment just fine. Our Gentle Max laser system is not only quick, but it also reduces the discomfort with its method of laser hair removal. We will be very sensitive to your comfort level, and take any appropriate measures to ensure a painless procedure.

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