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Candela Gentle max pro Laser Hair Removal Machine : 2 types of lasers

  1. Alexandrite laser 755nm wavelength : Suitable for skin types 1, 2&3

  2. Nd yag laser 1064nm wavelength : suitable for skin types 4, 5&6

Candela Gentle Max pro number 1 worldwide laser system

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal permanently removes hair by destroying the root of the hair follicles. We destroy the follicles by using pulses of Laser light designed to heat the hair follicle to the point that it dies. We use specific wavelengths of light that target pigment, so the skin remains undamaged but the follicle is destroyed. This is why laser is most effective on dark hair.

Gentle max pro is a single consolidated system that delivers a range of treatments , all skin type hair removal , as well as pigmented and vascular lesions.

Gentle Max Pro is a dual platform laser, using a 755nm Alexandrite laser and 1064nm NDYAG laser allowing a wide range of treatment options.

How long it will take to get results?

It takes the average client 18 months to two years to reach their clinical end point. Each area has a treatment interval that falls somewhere between 4-10 weeks depending on the area.

Why does it matter what type of laser you use?

There are lots of different ‘lasers’ on the market. Many of these ‘lasers’ are not actually lasers at all, but rather IPL machines (Intense Pulsed Light). The issue with using an IPL versus a real laser is that the IPL doesn’t destroy the follicle but rather damages the hair and can cause temporary shedding and removal, but it can’t give you permanent results.


7 Laser Hair Removal Questions, Answered

Never shaving again seems like an impossible dream, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to retire the razor for good and still have silky soft legs, a hair-free underarm with no work, or a bare bikini line with zero maintenance?

But what else should you know before saying buh-bye to shaving for good?

Is It Permanent?

Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. it’s not uncommon for patients to require maintenance treatments once a year, even after the area has been fully treated. The reason: The laser targets and destroys your current hair follicles, but new follicles can develop thanks to hormonal changes or shifts in weight.

What Are the Risks?

“The biggest risk with lasers is eye damage,” “Both you and the person operating the laser should be wearing goggles specific to the type of laser that’s being used.” Other risks include blistering, scarring, and burns that can discolor your skin. “It’s normal for there to be some redness and swelling, but if you’re getting burned or blistered, then the technician is using the wrong type of laser .

Does It Hurt?

The procedure hurts-but not a lot. “It stings, “It’s universally described as a rubber band snapping against your skin.” But it only stings for a millisecond-the time it takes for the laser to target your hair follicle and zap it away (of course, this means that it will sting for each hair follicle zapped). While your skin may be a little red and puffy after the procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain in the area by the time you leave the office.

Do I Need to Go to a Doctor Or Is It OK to Hit Up a Spa?

While you don’t necessarily need to go to a doctor’s office for this procedure, looking for a med-spa or a laser hair removal center .

Will It Work on My Skin Type and Hair Color?

Laser hair removal works on almost every skin type-from very light-skinned people (or what’s known as Type I on the Fitzpatrick scale, a skin-typing test) all the way up to Type V or even VI (which is dark skin), . Some terminology to know: Light-skinned people will usually receive treatment from an Alexandrite or Diode laser, while darker-skinned people will receive treatment from an Nd:YAG laser.

Blonde, gray, or light red hair is difficult to treat, If the facility you’re looking into advertises lasers that work on every hair color, they’re probably using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to remove lighter hair. “IPL emits a broad spectrum of light, which means it’s not as ‘smart’ as a laser, “It’s more difficult to target the hairs with a broad spectrum, so IPL has a higher risk of causing burns.” Blondes and redheads need to do extra research to ensure that the facility they choose is experienced with IPL.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual procedure time depends on the area being treated. Each hair follicle is zapped in a millisecond, so a small area (such as the armpits) will take less than five minutes to complete, while a larger area (such as the legs) might take a half hour.

As for the amount of time you’ll need before you’re completely hair-free, five to six treatments. “Most people see drastic reduction after three or four treatments, and six is probably the maximum number of treatments you need on any one area

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