Shoes covers disposable non woven bag of 100 pcs


Shoes covers disposable non woven bag of 100 pcs

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  • Safe Durable Materials-This Shoe Covers is selection of high-quality non-woven fabric materials, which is thick and wear-resistant,not easy to break, no odor, more breathable, non-slip, and anti-static. Non-Toxic, Odorless.
  • Advantage – The surface of this shoe cover is not smooth, When worn on the foot, This Non-woven shoe cover will increase the friction with the ground and the effect of anti-skid will be better,better quality compare to normal hand-made shoe cover, help keep the covers steady on your feet as you move.
  • Multipurpose Application- Suitable for home, travel, party, car, garden, all most indoor and outdoor can be used.
  • The disposable shoe covers use high-quality elastic rubber bands to ensure to loose and prevent it which can’t be used again after long-term storage.
  • bag of 100 pcs blue color 
  • size 19 *40 cm


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