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What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins – those blue, purple, or red veins that appear to be on the surface of the skin – can be caused by a variety of factors, including weight gain, genetics, aging, and even hormonal changes. Spider veins difficult to topically treat, which is why clients need treatments that go a little deeper. At Sama Med spa we offer Laser vein removal treatments, designed to minimize the appearance of spider veins.

How Do Vein Removal Treatments Work?

Vein removal treatments work by breaking down the visible veins so that they’re reabsorbed by the body. The laser treatments targeted the darker veins and direct pulses of energy light at them; the veins absorb this energy and eventually break down over time. At Sama Med spa, our vein removal treatment menu includes:

  • ND Yag Laser

Laser Treatment can help reduce the appearance of spider veins, especially on areas like the face and legs. During your consultation we’ll help you pick the right vein removal procedure for you.

Female healthy leg and the affected varicose veins, isolated on white