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before and after laser tattoo removal

How does it work?

 Laser emits fast pulses of light energy to shatter tattoo ink into smaller particles, which is then removed through your immune system, while not damaging the surrounding skin. The laser is calibrated to shatter one color at a time.

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, laser tattoo removal was an expensive procedure, We have dramatically reduced the pricing in order to connect with more people in need of this service. We believe that laser tattoo removal should not be a luxury procedure 

How much does it hurt?

The procedure is a painful one as the ink is being shattered in the secondary layer of skin (the dermis). However, with the application of a strong numbing cream, the procedure is more than tolerable since the pain does not linger after the treatment is completed. Unlike a tattoo with a consistent lingering pain, the pain from laser tattoo removal is temporary, leaving only a warm feeling on your skin.

Will my tattoo come back?

No, once the ink has been shattered, it will remain shattered. Each session will break up more ink particles into smaller granules which will make it easier for your immune system to remove. It can, however, take some time for your immune system to carry the shattered ink particles away.

How long will it take the skin to heal after the laser treatment?

It takes about a week for the skin area to heal. After your laser tattoo removal session, keep the skin area covered with gauze and plain petroleum jelly (Vaseline). The petroleum jelly helps to seal and protect the skin and allowing it to heal. After this period the skin has typically healed and you can carry on as usual. One important part of the healing process to is to avoid direct sun or unwanted darkening of the skin. Using high UV protection is recommended during summer months.